April 09, 2018

4tiitoo: Thanks to STARTUP AUTOBAHN we have been able to optimize our product & add more benefits to our users

4tiitoo GmbH, founded in 2013 and located in Munich, participated in Batch#1 of the Startup Autobahn Program. Their software platform, NUIA Productivity+, makes digital workplaces more productive, attractive and secure by utilizing eye tracking to control enterprise applications, such as SAP, Catia or MS Office or even custom apps at the Shop Floor level. Every day the average office worker loses up to 1.2 working hours to non-value creating computer interaction such as switching between windows, moving the mouse or even searching for the mouse cursor. NUIA optimizes these workflows substantially, saving time each day to make space for the actual tasks.


Why did you join Startup Autobahn and what did you get out of the program?

The opportunity to work with Daimler was very appealing to us due to the wide range of specialist workspaces (e.g. those working with CAx, PLM or SAP applications). These specialists are ideal candidates to benefit from our NUIA Productivity+ software, boosting their productivity while making their daily work more convenient.

The greatest benefit was the streamlined matchmaking process among different business units at Daimler and other program partners. This resulted in great early customer feedback, guiding insights and successful pilot projects.

What did you like the most about the SA program?

One of the key challenges for startups is finding the right customers and moving forward quickly. Therefore, the well-organized one-on-one events such as the Corporate Days or Deal Flow sessions gave us huge benefits. The attendees had been hand-picked and high level, which supported an efficient process and quick decisions to take the next steps. Furthermore, the regular events – such as the Meetups and EXPO Days with many attendees from the Plug and Play network – facilitate networking and were extremely helpful in getting in contact with potential customers.

In your opinion what makes Startup Autobahn different from other accelerator programs?

Next to the many corporate partners, the extended network of Plug and Play brings tremendous value for startups. Based on this, the commitment to finding the proper contact within the corporation as well as the clear intention to carry out paid pilot projects during the program stands out.

What did you showcase on the EXPO Day?

We presented the results of two pilot projects with Daimler. The first one was the „Eye Controlled PLM/3D Software“, a software extension based on the NUIA Productivity+ software. With NUIA and an eye tracker, the custom Daimler PLM software as well as standard enterprise software such as MS Excel and Outlook can be controlled by the user’s gaze. This reduces non-value creating computer interaction such as moving the mouse, selecting items or even switching between windows, along workers to be more engaged and productive.

The second project was the “Eye Controlled Retail Experience“. In this terminal setup for retail areas, the customers control the screen just using their eyes. In the background the NUIA Intention Prediction Engine recognizes the user interests and adapts the displayed content – in this case Mercedes-Benz cars – in real-time. The A.I. trained algorithms can not only be used to increase conversion rates but can also deliver field insights for product management and marketing.

How has the journey with Startup Autobahn affected the “afterlife” of 4tiitoo?

Being part of this program substantially extended our network, increased our public visibility and it is a great point of reference. Using the feedback from our pilot projects, we have been able to optimize our product to add even more benefits to our users. With this enhanced proposal we have been able to win many more customers from within the Plug and Play network and are very happy about feedback like this press release from the automotive supplier Benteler.