June 16, 2017

GuardKnox: Startup Autobahn is about real-life pilots together with the largest automotive companies

As we are finishing with pilot Program #2, Dionis Teshler(CTO ofGuardKnox) gave us a look behind the scenes of their innovation journey at Startup Autobahn Program #2. Today – 6 weeks prior to the great Expo Day on 25th July – we introduce GuardKnox to our readers.

Out of 300 startups that applied for the programthe best 28 startups were acceptedto shape the future of mobility with Daimler, HPE, Porsche, BASF, ZF and Murata.

GuardKnox– one of Startup Autobahn Program #2 startups – offers cyber security hardware solutions for automotive.

Why did you join Startup Autobahn (SA) and what are your expectations from the program?

We joined Startup Autobahn for a multitude of reasons, the most important being the opportunities that it has afforded us. As an Israeli startup we have been looking towards the German automotive landscape as the leaders in innovation. We think Startup Autobahn has enabled us to not only begin the conversation with Daimler, Porsche, ZF, BASF and HPE but to truly move from starting conversation to actionable progress in form of real world pilots. We are looking forward to meeting with meaningful contacts with Startup Autobahn’s partners and leveraging their leadership to lead to new opportunities for GuardKnox. At the end of the day, the results of the program will be the main catalyst which will bring business and mutual long term cooperation in between GuardKnox and the partners.

What do you like the most about the SA program?

Startup Autobahn is a high-energy, progressive, and innovative program, every experience that we have had with Startup Autobahn has left us inspired and excited to continue our work in Germany and back home in Israel. We especially have valued our interactions with Startup Autobahn’s partners. All of our interactions have been positive and productive enabling us to get the most out of the program. We like that the program is in a constrained in 3 month time frame after which you must deliver results. This puts both our partners and us in high focus and high gear. In addition, we appreciate the Plug & Play team and the coordinators from each partner, whose sole purpose is to assist us in making the pilots a reality.

In your opinion what makes Startup Autobahn different from other accelerator programs?

The Startup Autobahn program is unique not only in the fact that its partners are some of the largest automotive companies and innovators, but also that we are given a direct entry point into these partners through the work of key contacts in each partner organization, working on specifically real-life pilot projects. This contact helps us engage with the correct contact in each partner and serves as an invaluable mentor during the entire process. With each new contact we are consistently grateful for the guidance and support we have been given, it is unparalleled across other programs. In addition, due to the three month time period, it allows for time to truly make a real and bilateral commitment from both us and the partner organizations. This type of commitment does not happen in most other accelerator programs.

What are you planning to showcase on the EXPO Day?

We plan to showcase our solution within a specific use case for both Daimler and Porsche production vehicles at the venue. In addition, we are planning to showcase the integration of our solution with HPE (DCX now) SOC infrastructure in real-time. We are still in discussions with ZF. Our primary goal is to show that our technology is ready for deployment in production vehicles today and demonstrate its effectiveness and value proposition to OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, as well as service providers to the automotive industry.

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