April 11, 2017

Jetlite about Startup Autobahn: the program is very well organised and stuffed with premium partners

Less than a month ago we started our Acceleration Program #2 at Startup Autobahn. 300 startups applied for the program and the best 28 startups were accepted to shape the future of mobility with Daimler, HPE, Porsche, BASF, ZF and Murata. Today we interviewed Achim Leder, the co-founder of Jetlite to give us a sneak peek into their activities at Startup Autobahn.


Jetlite® – one of our startups selected for Startup Autobahn Program#2 – offers a holistic, algorithm-based approach to increase the comfort of passengers by reducing jetlag on long-distance flights while reducing fuel consumption and the workload for the crew on board.


Why did you join Startup Autobahn (SA) and what are your expectations from the program?

We joined Startup Autobahn as the program offers a direct link to the Automotive-Industry, a new but very interesting branch for us.

What do you like the most about the SA program?

The program is very well organised and stuffed with premium partners, so it makes it easy and eligible to work with them.

In your opinion what makes Startup Autobahn different from other accelerator programs?

For us as part of the Airbus Accelerator BizLab it was interesting to see how an accelerator with more than one backer is handled; it seems that it works very well.

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