June 06, 2017

Quantoz: Startup Autobahn enables access to worldwide players of automotive industry

Three months ago we started ourAcceleration Program #2at Startup Autobahn. 300 startups applied for the program andthe best 28 startups were acceptedto shape the future of mobility with Daimler, HPE, Porsche, BASF, ZF and Murata. Today we interviewed Henri de Jong(Head of Business Development at Quantoz) for a look behind the scenes of Quantoz’s innovation journey at Startup Autobahn Program #2.

Quantoz– one of Startup Autobahn Program #2 startups – offers professional services to explore emerging blockchain technologies and crypto-currencies, and to understand the potential impact for various industries.

Why did you join Startup Autobahn (SA) and what are your expectations from the program?

Although Quasar offers a generic P2P (micro) payment solution that can be used in many markets, the automotive industry (autonomous car & car sharing services) and manufacturing industry (Industry 4.0) are very important markets for Quantoz. SA enables Quantoz access to worldwide players in these markets.

What do you like the most about the Startup Autobahn program?

Firstly, the access to a variety of industry partners and the possibility to present the Quantoz proposition to top executives from these companies. Secondly, it is always very useful to meet other startups. SA offers a great location in Stuttgart to share experiences and to exchange ideas with mentors and the other startups.

In your opinion what makes Startup Autobahn different from other accelerator programs?

Quantoz participated in other accelerator programs. The SA program enables us to work closely with industrial partners but at the same time the freedom to work independently.

What are you planning to showcase on the EXPO Day?

We will show different micro-payment “Internet of Things” use cases, like how to pay a light bulb to blink 5 seconds and shine blue!

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