February 06, 2018

STARTUP AUTOBAHN Focus Week on Supply Chain Automation hosted by DPDHL

Thank you for being part of our STARTUP AUTOBAHN Meetup “Supply Chain Automation: From Warehousing to Last Mile Delivery” by DPDHL on January 18 in Bonn which we hope you enjoyed.

  • Andreas Muendel, VP Corporate Development at DPDHL welcomed the attendees and explained why DPDHL joined the STARTUP AUTOBAHN initiative and why it is so successful
  • Sascha Karimpour, Managing Director Plug and Play Germany gave an overview about the STARTUP AUTOBAHN project and Program #3
  • We had a keynote on “Business Exploration at DPDHL – Some operational insights” by Johannes Naumann, Corporate Development at DPDHL
  • We saw the following 11 great Supply Chain Automation startups pitching on stage:


Shoof Technologies

They transform Industrial IoT and the logistics market by turning all assets into smart assets through our innovative wireless technology and collaborative network. Based in: Sunnyvale, U.S


Self-driving vehicles designed exclusively for indoor material transport. The vehicles operate with infrastructure-free navigation, offering intelligent, safe, efficient, and reliable transportation within industrial centers. Based in: Ontario, Canada



With own, cloud-integrated sensors which provide the capability to locate themselves (indoor and outdoor) as well as to provide sensoring capability with already pre-built sensors (like temperature, vibration, pressure, humidity) but also allow for immediate integration of sensors by Siemens, Endress+Hauser and other industry grade sensors, we immediately bring the physical elements to the cloud creating a digital twin. Blockchain is being added for auditability. Connectivity is provided by a proprietary mesh-network and the capability to uplink via a global SIM card or Ethernet (which provides additionally the possibility to interface with Satellite networks). Sensefinity’s solutions are today in usage in Logistics, Industry and Retail. Based in: Berlin, Germany



Sensor driven platform for real time location and motion analytics: Kinexon’s award winning sensor network enables localization and motion sensing of people and objects with unprecedented precision (<10cm) and robustness. Besides tracking functionalities, Kinexon sensors are able to measure speed, temperature and acceleration. Based in: Munich, Germany


Smart sensor technologies for logistics, e.g. InventAIRy – flying sensor technology for automated stock taking and inventory management with drones and ADAMone – smart sensor technology for logistics. Based in: Dortmund, Germany

Aroma Bit

A sensor that can “smell”: Aroma Bit, Inc. is engage in development, production and sales of electronic equipments and systems including compact Odor Imaging Sensor. Based in: Japan


ODYN (formerly Armada)

Measures the dynamics of your supply chain to find waste, improve performance, and reduce variability. To get pallet-level visibility. ODYN has developed the lowest-cost pallet tracking solution in the market. Combining this pallet-level information with other third-party data, the ODYN Fleet platform allows customers to make the right decision at the right time — enabling: (1) decreased in-transit inventory (2) increased service level (3) increased internal materials flow traceability (4) more accurate inventory reconciliation (5) low-touch quality control verification (6) carrier competition (7) independent SLA evaluation (8) and more. Based in: Cambridge, USA


Intelligent Robots

Its mission is to democratise the use of mobile robots for industrial applications, by developing robots equipped with cheap sensors and controlled by cutting-edge deep learning algorithms. Based in: London, UK



MTX Connect

Offers Mobile Data Connectivity as a Service to help Corporate Customers get customised solution for the staff, business applications and whatever needs to be connected across 80+ countries in the world. The Business Case for the Service include: connected machinery, online monitoring for cars, container monitoring, supply chain tracking or the MTX Connect managed infrastructure that can build a connectivity service to the business applications. Based in: Luxembourg

Uniberry (CiDO)

CiDO offers flexible access management for apartment buildings without physical keys or transponders. Instead, barcodes are used, which are either already present (e.g. on parcels for shipment tracking) or can be generated on demand to integrate them into documents or ID cards. Deliverers scan the barcode of a parcel at the building’s main entry and thereby gain access to the entry hall. In addition, selective access can be granted to companies from other industries such as cleaners or janitors. Based in: Hamburg, Germany


A pioneer in location-based industry solutions, offers an IoT platform, which enables its clients to easily and quickly implement all kinds of IoT industry scenarios. By integrating various location technologies (such as Bluetooth, RFID, GPS, QR Codes, UWB, Image Recognition and more) different processes are being optimally digitized.For companies of all sizes, Sensorberg allows safe, context- and location-based services as well as detailed insights in physical and digital business models. Industrial clients profit from optimized production and logistic processes with reduced cost at accelerated throughput times. Based in: Berlin Germany

  • … and of course, we also had time to network while having food and drinks