June 15, 2016

Startups selected for STARTUP AUTOBAHN Program 1!

Congratulations to the 13 selected startups for STARTUP AUTOBAHN Program 1!


4tiitoo creates a software platform to control everyday devices and applications in a consistent, natural and more efficient way based on inputs like gaze, gestures and speech. Based on the overall context it predicts users’ intentions to enable devices to act automatically and intelligently.


Argus is the world’s largest, independent automotive cyber security company, whose customers are the world’s major OEMs, Tier 1s, aftermarket connectivity providers and fleet managers. Led by a team of seasoned cyber-security experts and automotive veterans, Argus offers its customers the most comprehensive, multi-layered and end-to-end protection in the industry. Proven to be technologically superior by independent third parties and with 20 pending patents, Argus is well positioned to help its customers overcome the dynamic cyber security challenges posed by the connected car revolution: Argus is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel and has a global presence with offices near all of the world’s major automotive centers including Michigan, Silicon Valley, Stuttgart and Tokyo.


blickshift provides solutions and products for the analysis of car drivers’ behavior, especially for the analysis of eye movements. Our main product is “blickshift Analytics”, a revolutionary data analytics software using cutting edge results from visual analytics research. blickshift was founded in 2015 by three PhD graduates from the Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems at the University of Stuttgart.


Canatu is a leading developer and manufacturer of transparent conductive films and touch sensors for an entirely new class of touch applications. Canatu’s CNB™ Films have unrivalled flexibility and 3D formability coupled with zero haze and reflectance, making them the material of choice for the next generation automotive interior decoration surfaces with free-form touch and high contrast for good readability.


CarJump enables its users to search for, reserve and book carsharing vehicles from a multitude of providers via one simple app. With its newest features CarJump enables its users to register with all carsharing providers with one signup process – digitally and instantly. CarJump not only aggregates freefloating providers (car2go, DriveNow …), but stationary models as well. Stationary carsharing providers are especially functional for trips planned in advance, e.g. via CAMBIO or Stadtmobil. The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows.


evopark is the market leader in digital off-street parking in Germany. The evopark app allows you to easily find off-street parking locations and check the real-time availability. Car park tickets become obsolete as you can enter and exit car parks with the gates opening automatically through RFID technology (the “evotag”). At exclusive retail partners, you receive a discount on your parking fees. Finally, you are invoiced once a month.


At Gauzy™ our vision is to embed technology into raw material and enable it to be effective, efficient, applicative and smart.Gauzy inspires substance over matter. We take pride in bringing together a world of magic and a world of logic into a broad portfolio of state of the art real life applications onto and into material such as glass. Gauzy is a world leading innovative developer and manufacturer of LCG® (Liquid Crystal Glass). Gauzy develops, manufactures and markets Liquid Crystal materials (PDLC, PDSLC, NLC and more), controllers, applications and solutions for a variety of markets including construction, automotive and consumer electronics, anything from elevators to refrigerators and more.


HopOn is the first seamless mobile ticketing platform. HopOn uses innovative wireless validation technologies (based on a BLE & UltraSonic beacon) alongside unique algorithms, to allow simultaneous and hassle free mobile ticketing experience in mass transit networks. Or to keep it simple, get in and out from a bus/ tram/ train with your smartphone and HopOn would take care for the rest.


n-Join is Internet of Things for the manufacturing industry. A true Plug&Play solution for transforming any factory into a smarter factory. n-Join’s revolutionary Industrial IoT technology painlessly optimizes factories‘ efficiency, quality and profitability, and reduces environmental impact in the process. Our technology listens to a factory’s machine-to-machine communications without any interference of the production process, analyzes that data in real time, and provides plant personnel with powerful tools and unprecedented visibility. Smart, simple and safe.


Noveto lies at the forefront of sound technology innovation with a mission to change the way we consume sound. Noveto unveils “Sowlo”, a new and disruptive vocal sound interface for the connected car. “Sowlo” — a breakthrough technology designed to deliver personal sound directly to the users’ ears — gives you private access to information you need on the road, totally hands-free, keeping you safe and focused. Phone calls, text messages, emails, navigation & parking alerts, all delivered straight to your ears, and your ears alone.


otonomo offers a car data exchange and marketplace that enables car OEM’s to monetize car data in a safe, controlled and secured manner. otonomo service creates new high margin revenues for OEM’s and connected car ecosystem services, in areas such as insurance, maintenance, fleet, safety, payments, location services and more. otonomo service was built to meet car OEM, commercial service providers and drivers, security, privacy and data regulation requirements.


TruckPad is an online mobile marketplace where truckers come to get their next truckload using their smartphones. With TruckPad truckers increase their income and save time and fuel. For the shippers and carriers TruckPad will lower their cost by reaching the nearest and favourites truckers. Independent truckers increase up to 50% their income by using the TruckPad app!


Vayyar Imaging develops leading-edge 3D imaging sensors, opening the world to a new generation of safe, mobile and low cost imaging devices. Our sensors look into objects using technology that breaks through known barriers and brings highly sophisticated imaging capabilities to your fingertips. Vayyar sensors enable an extensive breadth of applications ranging from breast cancer screening, enhanced robot vision, automotive, smart home, IoT, food safety monitoring and much more.