May 08, 2017

what3words: Startup Autobahn has opened many doors for us

Two months ago we started ourAcceleration Program #2at Startup Autobahn. 300 startups applied for the program andthe best 28 startups were acceptedto shape the future of mobility with Daimler, HPE, Porsche, BASF, ZF and Murata. Today we interviewed Clare Jones(CCO at what3words) for a look behind the scenes of what3words’s innovation journey at Startup Autobahn Program #2.

what3words – one of Startup Autobahn Program #2 startups – has created an algorithm that labels 3m x 3m square in the world with a unique address – made of 3 words from the dictionary. Each delivery entrance, parking space, spot for drone delivery and home has an address. what3words makes GPS coordinates communicable so they can be entered by voice or text into any device or vehicle.


Why did you join Startup Autobahn (SA) and what are your expectations from the program?

As a startup in a phase of really rapid growth, engaging a range of large corporations can be a slow and time-consuming process; this programme has allowed us to accelerate a lot of our work with automotive manufacturers with in an agile way.

What do you like the most about the SA program?

Our favourite thing has been working with the ambitious innovators within car companies. These are people who are open to new technology and excited and interested to work with startups. The program has opened many doors and put us in touch with new teams with which we would not have been speaking otherwise.

In your opinion what makes Startup Autobahn different from other accelerator programs?

Accelerators don’t always add much value for businesses like ours that are already in a rapid growth phase – but Startup Autobahn provides genuine access to senior decision makers, and for us it has been a way to set up tests and execute quickly. It’s been a fantastic experience so far.

What are you planning to showcase on the EXPO Day?

We’ll be showcasing a big leap forward in navigation voice control: using just 3 spoken words to route your car to a precise location, anywhere in the world.

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