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About Welcome to Europe’s largest innovation platform

STARTUP AUTOBAHN is the ultimate innovation platform that unites global young tech companies with the unrivalled tech expertise of Silicon Valley and the best of German engineering.

We are a neutral innovation platform moderating an in-depth and curated collaboration between our partners from the industry and young tech companies. Our network of investment firms and mentors further helps the growth of tech companies. Our home is Stuttgart – the birthplace of the automobile, one of the leading IP regions of the world, and a hub of business, engineering, and groundbreaking inventions.

Our namesake is the high-speed German highway – the only one in the world without a speed limit. And just like the Autobahn, STARTUP AUTOBAHN is about accelerating joint projects between young tech companies and our corporate partners.

The best way to get in business with our corporate partners

Looking for customer validation or you are far beyond this point and do not ‘feel startup’ anymore? In either case: Welcome to STARTUP AUTOBAHN. We are stage agnostic. All that matters for us are joint projects between you and our corporate partners. Therefore, later stage companies are more likely to be accepted into the program. However, you just started your company but your technology is major enough and you have the capacity to work with our corporate partners? Go ahead, we cannot wait to hear from you. Together, we make the future happen.

Here are some of the spaces we are looking into: IoT, manufacturing, logistics, location-based services, cyber security, biometrics, natural language processing, process optimization, customer experience, and predictive analytics.

Tell us about yourself and upload your pitch deck to be part of our Program 5, starting in September 2018. Sounds good but you do not represent a young tech company but a corporation? Great, hereyou can find out how we help the industry.

Program We accelerate collaboration

Our program is designed to accelerate the collaboration between our corporate partners and your late stage startup. Our track record speaks for itself: In the last program alone we had 28 startups participating and they realized more than 50 joint projects with our corporate partners.

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Our home is in the heart of automotive innovation

Why Stuttgart? Yes, Stuttgart is not known for its vibrant startup scene, but for being the cradle of the automobile. Therefore, the leading companies in the automotive industry have their R&D departments here. Can you imagine a better place to work on a joint project?

Program 4 starting in March 2018 will be held in the middle of the campus of the University of Stuttgart at the ARENA2036. The ARENA2036 provides a first-class hardware lab, that the startups can use.

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Partners A growing network of corporate partners, in and beyond Stuttgart

We – Plug and Play, Daimler, the University of Stuttgart and ARENA2036 as founding partners, HPE/DXC, Porsche, BASF, ZF, DPDHL as anchor partners and Murata, BENTELER, HELLA as ecosystem partners of STARTUP AUTOBAHN – believe in open doors, disruptive thinking, and the sharing of ideas, technology, and connections to help startups thrive faster.

If you like the idea of being a part of our growing community, please contact Sascha Karimpour.


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