4tiitoo creates a software platform to control everyday devices and applications in a consistent, natural and more efficient way based on inputs like gaze, gestures and speech.

Argus is the world’s largest, independent automotive cyber security company, whose customers are the world’s major OEMs, Tier 1s, aftermarket connectivity providers and fleet managers.

blickshift provides solutions and products for the analysis of car drivers’ behavior, especially for the analysis of eye movements.

Canatu is a leading developer and manufacturer of transparent conductive films and touch sensors for an entirely new class of touch applications.

CarJump enables its users to search for, reserve and book carsharing vehicles from a multitude of providers via one simple app.

evopark is the market leader in digital off-street parking in Germany. The evopark app allows you to easily find off-street parking locations and check the real-time availability.

Gauzy develops, manufactures and markets Liquid Crystal materials (PDLC, PDSLC, NLC and more), controllers, applications and solutions for a variety of markets.

HopOn is the first seamless mobile ticketing platform. HopOn uses innovative wireless validation technology alongside unique algorithms, to allow simultaneous and hassle free mobile ticketing experience in mass transit networks.

n-Join’s revolutionary Industrial IoT technology painlessly optimizes factories‘ efficiency, quality and profitability, and reduces environmental impact in the process.

Noveto provides a disruptive vocal sound interface for the connected car. “Sowlo” is a breakthrough technology designed to deliver personal sound directly to the users’ ears.

otonomo offers a car data exchange and marketplace that enables car OEM’s to monetize car data in a safe, controlled and secured manner.

TruckPad is an online mobile marketplace where truckers come to get their next truckload using their smartphones.

Vayyar Imaging develops leading-edge 3D imaging sensors, opening the world to a new generation of safe, mobile and low cost imaging devices.

RE’FLEKT is a Munich based technology company that enables any business or industry to create their own in-house Augmented and Virtual Reality applications.

Dear Reality, the future of audio. The German technology start-up Dear Reality is specialized in 3D audio software and Virtual Acoustics, a key technology indispensable for any VR & AR applications.

Holo-Light is an Austrian software development company, founded in April 2015.  Holo-Light offers Windows Holographic solutions and is a leading company in Europe concerning software development on Microsoft HoloLens.

jetlite® increases comfort on long-range-flights due to Jetlag-Reduction by chronobiological improved lighting solutions for, nutrition-concepts for airline-catering and airport-services, suggestions for passengers regarding sleep.

physiosense is an Aachen based technology firm, which develops the textile sensor system of the future: sensors, software and data intelligence turn conventional products into smart ones which can communicate and interact with their users.

micropsi industries uses artificial intelligence to control industrial systems. They’re using reinforcement learning to train generic skills for robots to act in dynamic environments and a mix of the latest AI technologies.

Renumics offers its customers unprecedented Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) automation capabilities by combining proprietary machine learning methods with a scalable open source CAE workflow engine.

Twenty Billion Neurons (TwentyBN) is a German-Canadian artificial intelligence startup based in Berlin and Toronto. The company’s mission is to provide machines with human-level perception.

BigchainDB allows developers and enterprise to deploy blockchain proof-of-concepts, platforms and applications with a scalable blockchain data-base.

Quantoz Technology is an innovative blockchain technology application incubator. Quasar, the Quantoz digital cash solution provides the infrastructure for instant payment and transaction settlement between enterprises, consumers and the IoT.

Memobase is now launching a Voice Biometric technology to the market. Their technology is the future of authentication. The solution is language, grammar and dialect agnostic.

KREATIZE is a software solutions provider for manufacturing companies that enables seamless collaboration between suppliers and their customers. The company is the first player to integrate all fields of manufacturing.

By creating digital twins of the real objects and simulating their exact physics behavior in real-time TruPhysics enables robots to approach neuronal networks skills autonomously in scalable cloud infrastructure.

Relimetrics develops computer vision software for Industry 4.0 solutions. Application fields are evaluation and monitoring of manufacturing processes, quality assurance and material reliability.

Fluid Logistics: Revolutionary patented, B2B intra-logistics & production platform technology for Industrial Internet of Things (“Factory of the Future”), based on underfloor electromagnetic fields which move any user-defined objects.

iNDTact sensors measure vibration, load and noise in composites, maschines and processes. Their extraordinarily wide perception allows for the detection of smallest changes due to damage or wearing.

GuardKnox offers automotive manufacturers a comprehensive hardware cyber security solution, which fits seamlessly into the automotive value chain and alleviates the difficulties of integrating a software solution.

siOPTICA offers leading edge digital privacy: work and play without worries – wherever, whenever on all devices. siOPTICA technology enables LCD screens to be switched between a privacy and a public mode

R3 Communications provides ultra-reliable real-time enabled radio networks that ensures timely and safety critical M2M communication required by the next generation of IoT devices.

Productive Mobile helps enterprises extend their existing application landscape to mobile devices. Their solution, Studio, a tool which allows any semi-technical user to build apps at 10x the speed and cost efficiency.

POMP is creating the Fuel and Service distribution network of tomorrow. Using its unique mobile fuel station Pomp is the refueling solution of the 21st century

SUSI&James has the mission to create the best personal assistance. This assistance will be available 24/7 with one click, can communicate with natural language and has real conversations with humans.

FIBRES aims to become the world’s favorite platform for hybrid foresight and intelligent strategic management. It already is a user-friendly business application for collaborative trend management and for strategy planning and execution.

Bernstein Technologies, is a Munich based company offering blockchain based solutions for intellectual property management.

BlueInductive develops wireless superchargers for electric vehicles. They solve the problem of supplying electric cars and mobile robots with energy, conveniently and fully automated.

what3words has created an algorithm that labels 3m x 3m square in the world with a unique address – made of 3 words from the dictionary.

Innoviz is an Israeli startup providing LiDAR remote sensing solutions for fully autonomous vehicles. InnovizOne™, our flagship High Definition Solid State LiDAR, enables smart and advanced 3D sensing

IDEAFOX is an innovation platform for teams and organizations to generate, evaluate and realize ideas together.

Enterprise platform that uses machine learning to detect anomalies & predict failures in real-time for vehicles coming off the assembly line or being driven. Based in: Waterloo, Canada.

HD haptics startup. We design & produce a platform with Hardware and Software in order to render High Definition Haptic Effects. Based in: Paris, France.

Mission: bring emotional intelligence to the digital world with our emotion recognition technology that senses and analyzes facial expressions and emotion. Used by 1,400 brands worldwide. Based in: Boston, US

Established with a vision of providing the world with top quality paint protection and car care products based on experiences done by detailers living above the Arctic Circle. Based in: Oslo, Norway

Forecast for crime, terrorism, fire, civil unrest, natural and industrial disasters, health related risk and everything, that poses a potential threat to people’s lives and things. AVA calculates the past, present & predictive safety score. Based in: Berlin

Using Bleenco Pitts we detect cars, traffic flow, pedestrians and more from the video. We process and fuse sensor data, as i.e. noise from audio or beam of a LIDAR. Based in: Munich

blik provides real-time information about all products inside a warehouse.  blik solves the problem by offering real-time data on the location and condition of all goods in a warehouse & thus enables savings in 7-digit height/warehouse. Based in: Munich

We develop & produce chassis out of carbon composites for light commercial vehicles. Thereby, we increase the vehicle’s payload by up to 40%, increasing revenue per vehicle and decreasing operating costs. Based in: Stade

Leader in location intelligence revolution – a platform that turns location data into better behavioural marketing, optimised delivery routes, strategic store placements & maximised assets. Based in: NYC, US

Process Mining is an intelligent big data technology that analyzes & visualizes every process in your company. It reveals weaknesses & makes processes more transparent, faster, more cost-effective. Based in: Munich

Guiding New Mobility – this is our daily target. Provide the best information worldwide to allow people to benefit and have fun from New Mobility like E-Mobility. Based in: Munich

‘Collecting’ sensor data & climate data to ‘crunch’ these data for valuable insights – technical data in the context of climate data. Based in: Munich/Helsinki

contractus creates an efficient, transparent & agile supply chain by linking the strengths of individual companies in dec entralized value-added networks. Based in: Eisenach

We offer a unique, locally installed software as a connectivity, security and trust platform to enable digital services, while allowing fine-grained access control and data exchange agreements between all parties involved. Based in: Hamburg

FlexeGRAPH has developed a family of fluids enhanced with nanotechnology to replace existing water & glycol based coolants and liquids used in heat transfer applications. Based in: Australia

Fluent.ui uses a unique technology of AI & machine learning to provide very high accuracy voice recognition for any language/accent, in any context & noise environment. Based in: Montreal, Canada

GBatteries developed ActiveBMS, a charging technology that enables existing li-ion batteries to charge ultra fast while extending their life and improving safety. Based in: Ottawa, Canada

The next level of robot vision. Multifunctional, lightfield based 2D/3D multi view system for diverse applications in industrial image processing. Based in: Heidelberg

Platform designed to accelerate the move towards profitable ecosystems around connected car. Based in: Berlin

Predictive analytics to help corporations direct decision making, by analyzing unstructured information  with machine learning technology. Based in: Berlin

(previously meSchup) Our slogan “The Smart Things Integrator” describes our key expertise – bridging differences in wireless & wired sensor/actuator technologies to drastically speed-up our customers development of smart environments & industry 4.0 application. Based in: Stuttgart

WE MAKE YOUR LAST MILE MORE EFFICIENT. ZERO fuel costs, ZERO CO2-emissions, NO car parking required – with our e-powered bicycle trailers. Based in: Hamburg

Every charging point in your pocket: Find and pay for EV charging wherever you go. Based in: Berlin

A data analytics startup specializing in the prediction of supply chain risks from social media data.  Based in: Vienna, Austria

Our sophisticated data processing guarantees maximum compatibility and speed in the processing of data from any source. Based in: Frankfurt

Digitization solution IntraNav  enables its clients to track locations & movements of vehicles, goods or people in intralogistic environments.Based in: Frankfurt

Platform that encompasses client, server & device software. To save you the head-scratching, they’ve put together the answers to most common questions, covering the main workflows a user goes through. Based in: Seattle, US

Messaging as a Service – secure & scalable communication infrastructure for the conversational age. Based in: Stuttgart

Voice to Make Technology Disappear. We built an entire voice assistant stack that works on-device, i.e. independent from the cloud or the usual platforms. Based in: Paris, France

TactoTek creates injection-molded structural electronics that integrate flexible printed circuitry and discrete electronic components into mass-produced 3D injection-molded plastics. Based in: Finland

Toposens developed the first 3D ultrasound sensor worldwide. The sensor system perceives its environment via the principle of echolocation, similar to a bat. Based in: Munich

WayRay develops Holographic AR technologies for advanced connected cars. Based in: Lausanne, Switzerland

Pioneers in commercial visualisation for the automotive industry. Solutions include VR/AR and cloud powered experiences for clients such as Audi, Pagani and Toyota. Based in: Newcastle, UK.